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The Lego Studio Tour

Late last year i was helping design truck tour for Warner Bros.The Lego Studio Tour.

In January 2014 it launched and Warner Bros. connected with movie fans to promote the release of the LEGO Movie to families across Europe.

Over 5 weeks in January, parents and their children were invited to jump on-board the gleaming bright yellow Lego Studio truck, and engage and enjoy the fully interactive experience, using filming techniques, props, actors, directors, editors, digital interactive games screens and zillions of Lego bricks.

Once inside the truck, guests got the chance to build a LEGO car and design their own character that took centre stage on its own movie film set back drop.

The guests, created their own personal movie trailer and then was then available to download and share on social media websites, starring characters from the Lego Movie.

The Lego Studio Tour, was positioned at high-footfall shopping malls in Rome, Madrid, Brussels and Amsterdam, promoted the film and enhanced ticket sales prior to its release in each of the countries.

The campaign worked for international audiences with the production of multilingual graphics that were changed in transit as the roadshow travels through each country.  EMS provided the truck, external graphics and  interiors. Here are more photos and video.


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